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Often asked questions

Often asked questions

I want to study in MSUMD. Do you have programs in English? 

All programs are in Russian. At first you need to learn Russian at preparatory faculty.

When documents for entering a university are accepted?

Documents should be handed over in selection committee till July 20.

Сan I send documents for receipt by e-mail?
Documents can be sent by e-mail only for check. For transfer on training it is necessary to submit originals of documents.

When do occupations begin?
Occupations in MSUMD begin on September 1. Occupations on preparatory faculty begin on October 1.

How do I have to receive the visa to entry into Russia?
The visa to submission of documents in selection committee the entrant receives independently in consular department of Embassy of the Russian Federation in the country. MSUMD cares for receipt of a visa after the entrant has passed examinations and has concluded the contract for training at the university.

Whether the health insurance is necessary to me?
The health insurance has to be surely issued for entry into the Russian Federation. The entrant makes out it independently.

The students of preparatory faculty and students of the first course who for the first time have driven to the Russian
Federation have to issue the health insurance which works until the end of the current calendar year.