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Youth innovative center of space medicine

Youth innovative center of space medicine


Head of R&D institute of space medicine of FNKTs FMBA of Russia,
member of RAS
prof. V. Baranov

Rector MSUMD, correspondent member of RAS,
 prof. O. Yanushevich

Youth innovative center of space medicine is the joint project of Research institute of space medicine of Federal State Budgetary Institution Federal Scientific Clinical Center of Specialized Types of Medical Care and Medical Technologies of FMBA of Russia and Research institution of medicine and dentistry FBEO HE A.I. Yevdokimov MSUMD of the Ministry of Health care of the Russian Federation.

Long time need of integration of science and education for vocational training of young scientific shots and development of scientific research in the field of space medicine became ripe. In this regard on September 16, 2015 the agreement on creation of the Youth innovative center of space medicine has been signed between Federal scientific clinical center of specialized types of medical care and medical technologies of FMBA of Russia and  A. I. Yevdokimov MSUMD of the Ministry of Health care of the Russian Federation. The agreement on creation of the center was signed by the director of scientific research institute of space medicine of FNKTs FMBA of Russia academician of RAS professor V. M. Baranov and the rector of MSUMD correspondent member of RAS professor O. O. Yanushevich.

The circle of tasks of the new Center is defined as ensuring vocational training and additional education in the field of space biomedicine and participation in conducting theoretical and pilot studies on studying of influence of space factors and habitats on the state of health of astronauts for students and young scientists. Organization of interaction and cooperation with research institutes, centers and educational institutions, help in preparation and publication of results of research works, assistance in participation of students and young specialists in work of seminars, conferences and other scientific actions.

Among subjects are studied by students of the center:
"Space pathophysiology",
"Medical support of space flights",
"Medical support of works in an outer space",
"Land model experiments"

and so on.

    The experiment on modeling of impact of lunar gravitation on a human body Selena-F became the main research project of the Center in 2016.
Those who are interested in scientific research have taken part in him and would like to try the hand in "fighting" tasks.

Within this work a number of separate researches on studying of these or those physiological systems of an organism has been conducted:

 Research of a threshold of painful sensitivity.
 Video analysis of movements (assessment of a functional condition of the musculoskeletal device).
 The bioimpedance analysis of structure of a body and water balance on regions.
 Kapillyaroskopiya of a nail bed (research of microcirculation of peripheral vessels).
 Determination of speed of distribution of a pulse wave.
 Assessment of orthostatic stability.

Besides direct work on performance of experiments and data collection listeners have taken part in processing and the analysis of the received material under the leadership of skilled research associates and became coauthors of publications by results of researches.
Young researchers had an opportunity to offer the method of a research and the experiment in case they have own scientific interests.

Contacts: phone.: +7 (985) 638-58-10



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